About This is Ashford Kent

Information about ThisIsAshford. It was created specifically to raise the profile of Ashford, Kent locally, nationally and globally as the ideal location for work, rest and play. Global marketing with a definate community feel.

About This is Ashford For Business…

To provide a single, easy to understand point of reference. Giving information to businesses already based in Ashford, businesses looking to relocate to Ashford or set up a new business in Ashford, Kent.

About This is Ashford For Pleasure…

Whether you already live in Ashford, you’re planning a day out in Ashford, a short break in Ashford or a holiday in Ashford, Kent. With an abundance of things to do and places to go in and around Ashford, our aim is to give you all the information you need to make the best of your leisure time.

This is Ashford For You…

There’s far more to Ashford than most of us realise, that’s why we’ve tried to amass all the useful information you need to make the best of living or visiting our town. From how our schools are performing, finding a local club to join or groups for support. Whatever you need to know we aim to provide the answer.

Now in its 21st year This is Ashford was first set up in 1998, by Gary Coleman, before ‘social media’ hit our lives. It was one of the first local information portal web sites to appear on the great inter-web, born out of frustration in either not being able to find stuff easily or at all.
Since those early days the internet has changed alot since then. With information overload becoming the norm and a website everywhere, and yet, it still seems just as hard to find the actual information you need locally all in one place.

The re-launched web site continues to promote Ashford’s local businesses and services, community activities and events as well as local attractions to residents, those planning a visit to Ashford, Kent and those looking to live or work. Whether its to set up or relocate their business in Ashford.

You can read more about Gary’s long history of being connected with Ashford here…

This is Ashford – For business, for pleasure…for you.
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