Ashford Facts and Figures

Ashford continues to have unprecedented growth, here are the facts and figures that matter.

We’ve listed a range of key Ashford facts and figures that are worth knowing.


Ashford’s population as at 2017 is at 127,500 made up of 62,000 males and 67,500 females.
The population aged 16 to 64 is 76,600

Employment: (Jan 2018 to Dec 2018)

Economically active – For this period covered there were/are 67,900 people working, of which around 11,800 were/are in self-employment.

Earnings: (2018)

The average gross weekly wage in Ashford for full-time employment for this period is £574.90
The average hourly rate for full-time workers for this period is £14.27

Businesses in Ashford:(2018)

For this period there were 7190 business units within Ashford, made up as follows –
Micro (0 – 9 employees) 6,205
Small (10 – 49) 815
Medium (50 – 249) 145
Large (250+) 25

We will try and add more interesting facts and figures in the near future.