Newtown Works Transport Layout Plan

A breakdown of the proposed site access layout for Newtown Works Studios is as follows –

Vehicle Access –
Vehicle access to the site will from two points:
Access to cars and vans via a new signal junction at the existing Clock Tower access and;
Access to larger goods vehicles at a new junction onto Newtown Road, west of the Alfred Road junction.

This will allow large vehicles to be separated from car parking and public space areas and discourage accidental HGV routing towards the low rail bridge adjacent to the new Designer Outlet extension.

Appropriate signing for goods vehicles will be provided on the highway and within the site to ensure compliance with restrictions in place to prevent the usage of Samual Peto Way.

A contribution will be made to a KCC scheme fo shuttle traffic signals at Crowbridge Road hump back bridge. KCC has already obtained S106 funds from another development site, and the Newtown Works scheme will provide the remainder to allow the scheme to be implemented.

Pedestrian and Cycle Access –
This will be via a new pedestrian crossing phase on te East arm of the proposed Clock Tower signal crossing. This will link with the existing footway / cycleway fronting the recently permitted Klondyke Works site, and onward to the town centre and station via the existing foot / cycleway runnig toward the International Station entrance.

This provides access to a wider network of traffic free cycle routes and footways towards Park Farm, Victoria Park and South Ashford. Via the tunnel access adjacent to the rail station foot and cycle access can be gained to other parts of the town centre and residential areas to the north. Walking and cycling will be encouraged and adequate facilies provided to allow for this.

Newtown Works Clock Tower

Public Transport –
The site is readily accessible by public transport.
‘Little and Often’ service G runs along Newtown Road and Alfred Road, linking to the town centre, Orbital Park and the rail station every half hour. Ashford Internatinal Railway Station is approximately 600m from the site, taking approx. 7 -8 minutes to walk.

The site is considered to enjoy excellent accessibility to public transport, particularly rail, where a good number of staff are expected to travel to the site to the site to work on film and TV productions.

Parking –
Parking to provide the proposed uses on the site has been considered following discussions with Ashford Borough Council Officers and takes account of the sites close proximity to the town centre, rail station and public transport, walking and cycling facilities.

HGV’s associated with the film and TV studio use wiould not require long term parking, as the majority would access the site at the start and end of a production only, with flows during production filming being very low.

Approximately 12 HGV spaces are provided on the site.
The level of parking proposed is able to accommodate demand from all uses on the site.

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