Planned Landscape of Newtown Works Studios Ashford Kent

The approach adopted for the landscaping has been inspired by global examples of major regeneration projects involving redundant industrial style buildings and infrastructure.

Industry City in Brooklyn, New York is a 35acre waterfront site that now provides for the creative sectors including film and TV production. Through a mix of soft and hard landscaping, the result is a new and vibrant district crafted from the shell of abandoned buildings that includes major commercial occupiers, food and drink, retail, leisure and residential uses.

The synergy with Newtown Works is clear and as a case study can show what can be achieved when stakeholders work together and seize the opportunity for exciting landscape initiatives both at ground level and on upper levels.

With further inspiration from New York’s High Line, a redundant rail line turned into an above street level walkway, the landscape potential at Newtown Works is game changing and a fundamental component of the vision forming an important link between the town centre and Designer Outlet.

brooklyn city, new york images
Images from Indutry City, Brooklyn and High Line New York

The landscape design comprises the following primary spaces –

The Approach :
This area of the design particularly focuses on the experience of visitors arriving at the site, including the approach to the hotel, film studios and residential apartments. It will comprise of an open plaza with trees and seating, which will facilitate spill out space from the hotel.

The Atrium :
This is the long area of space extending through the central axis of the sheds, which would comprise a series of winter gardens, play and seating spaces. The Atrium would comprise of a central walkway, with a long vista, with adjacent intimate spaces, enjoyed solely by future residents, inaccessible to the general public. Elevated walkways cross the space connecting apartments to the parking areas, creating a dynamic and exciting space.

The Promenade :
This area would be the open space between the sheds and the new film studios. It will be designed to be a dynamic and engaging space, with materials selected to reference the history of the site, its industrial character and also a playful nod to the film studios.

The historic features such as the rail tracks, would be retained where possible to reflect the fascinating history and richness of the location. The landscape design will be designed to respect and respond to the historic fabric of the building, and unify the land uses proposed.

The promenade will be designed to be predominately traffic free, limiting vehicle movements to the end of the promenade. Trees and furniture will be of a large scale to fit with the expansive site and buildings.

view of the proposed promenade Newtown Works

The Tree Bank :
A rear lorry access is proposed to the film studios, accessed via a new entry point along Newtown Road. The scheme proposes the retention of the tree belt as far as possible with the exception of the new access, and proposes to enhance the tree belt. This will enhance the green screen between the road and the site.

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