Twinned Towns with Ashford, Kent

Ashford is twinned with 3 towns – Bad Munstereifel in Germany, Fourgeres in France and Hopewell in the U.S.A.

Bad Munstereifel, a beautiful romantic spa town in Germany is Ashford’s longest twinning association. Established way back in 1964, although informal links were much earlier.
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Fougères in France, is home to the biggest medieval castle in Europe apparently, I know, who knew. Twinning began officially in 1984 following six years of unofficial twinning.
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The link includes a short video to give an insite to this beautiful place.

Twinning began with Hopewell, Virginia, U.S.A in 1994. Why are we twinned with Hopewell I hear you ask. Well, I’m glad you asked.
It turns out we’re linked by history.

Ashford is the birth place of Captain Francis Eppes, a founding father of Hopewell. Receiving a land grant from the King of England in 1635, Eppes and his family immigrated to the New World and established Appomattox Plantation at the confluence of the James and Appomattox Rivers in Virginia. Today Appomattox Plantation is one of the oldest existing estates in America. A major tourist attraction, the estate is now part of Petersburg National Battlefield. General Ulysses Grant maintained his headquarters there from 1864-65 during the siege of Petersburg.
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There’s a short aerial video of City Point Park & Historical District, Hopewell, Va below.

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If you’d like to become involved with Ashford’s twinning then click or tap these links to the Ashford Twinning Association ( for Bad Munstereifel & Fougères ) or the Friends of Hopewell Association