What’s on in Ashford Kent and ‘Roundabout’.

What’s on in Ashford Kent is a local guide to gigs, events and things to do in Ashford and the surrounding area.

What’s on in Ashford Kent this month, this week, this weekend or tonight. Whether you live locally or are visiting, here is the only guide you need to discover what’s happening.

So as we make our way through the month of May, there’s still no ‘real world’ events or things to do. So apart from making the most of our “exercise” time to enjoy the great outdoors (or taking up golf or fishing) we continue with online activities.

We can give you details of an actual event planned for August which will hopefully be going ahead as we exit from lockdown…

The Kent MS Therapy Centre Summer Fayre on Saturday 22 August
Running from 10.00am to 2.00pm, with stalls, crafts and more. And if you wish to book a stand then get in touch with them now.

The Kent MS Summer Fayre

Retro Gaming online…

Now if you’re into (or still pine for) retro/old skool games you can play on line, then you’re in luck.
How about the highly addictive version of ‘Snake’ called slither
You can play by using this link

Perhaps you spent your youth (if you’re old enough…) playing Asteroids. In that case you can play ‘Planetoids’ by using this link

If you can’t decide or you fancy something particular, then here’s a whole list of games – listed by the year they appeared. Just use this link

Now how about a few virtual tours of famous museums that you can explore –

The British Museum
Or you can also view any of their collections by using this link

Musee d’Orsay, Paris

Benaki Museum, Greece

Need a bit of Sophrology in your life ?

Now if you’re feeling a bit jaded, anxious or having a few struggles with sleeping after dealing with lockdown, then how about these FREE online classes with Ashford’s Sophrology Academy running this month and into June.

‘Soph..what ??? i hear you say.
Sophrology (it’s very big in Europe, though not so well known here).

While Sophrology is great for improving your wellbeing, it’s also a valuable tool in helping you bring your best to any task or challenge. By utilising the techniques of Sophrology, you’ll always have a tool for overcoming any obstacle. 

Combining Eastern practices and the psychological principles of the West, it offers a structured method for self-development and improved wellbeing. It doesn’t require any equipment, can be done on the go and is easy to fit into a hectic lifestyle. Either follow the link above or learn more from the Ashford Sophrology website here.

Last but by no means least, have you or your kids (if you have them) watched the latest creative show from Ashford – The Stu Pendous show ?
If you haven’t discovered it yet, it’s filled with creativity, magic and science to entertain you. Here’s a couple of the latest episodes, but you can watch all the shows you’ve missed by visiting his youtube channel.

Spring is the chance to stock your wardrobe ready for the new season, get ready for the end of lockdown to have a whole day out at the Ashford Designer Outlet – details and information here

That’s all for now for what’s on in Ashford Kent but check back regularly as this page gets updated throughout the month.

If you have an event or something happening and would like to include it in the what’s on in Ashford Kent listing here, just email the details to events@thisisashford.co.uk or DM us on twitter…

We’ll get it listed for free.